We do not have snow here.

Thanks a whole lot for the food.


Where did you pay them?

Brender is being quite vague, isn't he?

Let's wait until the crowd thins out.

He's anxiously awaiting the results of his exam.

Lake Chad is continuing to shrink.


Jane signed up for the French course.

How many people can do that?

You already said that.

God willing...

Saqib got dizzy.


Don't let Lukas see you.

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The government is trying to bring down inflation.

I've got to warn him.

I have no savings.


Dalton told me his father could speak French.

I shouldn't have borrowed Ernst's hammer.

He is on board the ship.


I do not know if I will be on Skype for a while.

Laurie put his head down on the table.

English isn't easy to master.

Ricky asked me to make sure you understood what you needed to do.

Tell Heinz I won't need his help.


Why are you doing all this for us?

Oleg isn't that different.

We can definitely do it.

Let's hope it's enough.

We're not blaming them.


If you get sick, go to the doctor.

She was advised by him to be more careful.

Benjamin heard a voice behind him.

That's not right.

The enemy flung fresh troops into the battle.

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Have you already decided what to do next Sunday?

I've got the solution.

Isabelle wasn't able to be at the meeting.

You aren't hurt.

Yesterday I went to Eva's house.

He always wanted to do things his way.

I want to lose ten pounds.

You sound like an idiot if you talk like this.

Please don't ask her.

I do have a plan.

I thought Petr would be valuable to you.

Be there at noon.

We'll celebrate tonight.

The news of the accident was only too true.

Could you tell me how to get to Park Street from here?

This is the first time I've ever been to Boston.

They failed to fulfill the conditions.


She stole my things.

I love trips.

It's freezing cold in here.

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Are you dating Brad?

Most modern airliners use turbofan engines because of their high thrust and good fuel efficiency.

Carlo is afraid of mice.

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It was just 6 years ago that I visited New Zealand for the first time.

We're all back safe and sound.

I am a member of the tennis club.

I didn't have anything to do.

Donald doesn't know what to do first.

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A crow is as black as coal.

I'll see to it.

We're getting out of here. The storm is coming.

Justin walked down the path, whistling a happy tune.

Subsequently, she started screaming and breaking vases. I, in turn, nonchalantly left the apartment, and went to have tea with Nicolo.

Was anybody else absent?

Now what's your question?

My wife's trying to sleep.

Jeanne knows what he likes.


I am sorry if I am bothering you.

Just make sure you talk to her.

Maureen has found something.

She doesn't wish to be disturbed.

Loyd goes to school by bus.

She is running outdoors.

"Silence please." "Shut up."


Marco bought his son a car.

It cannot reasonably be assumed that decreasing the dose would reduce the risk of side-effects.

Why would she lie about that?


Carry this in your purse.

He knows French, much more English.

Carter and Sanche talked about everything under the sun.

Next time I visit San Francisco, I'd like to stay at that hotel.

The acting is very good.


We'll take what we can get.

I am trapped in another dimension.

Jacques made it clear that he wanted to meet Mr Gagnon.


There is no god but God. Muhammad is the messenger of God.

He fell captive to her charms.

Jot it down in your notebook.

It really doesn't seem fair.

You don't need to know about that.

Dan helped Linda with her essay.

The Prime Minister holds a press conference tomorrow.

Animals are our friends.

It aimed to petition the Association of Academies that it officially select a language. The response was negative.

The food is on the table.

Buses are running at 20 minute intervals.

I know Janice didn't do what you said he did.

Arlene said that he couldn't believe it.

I felt strangely calm.

The ship set sail.

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I'm calling Skef again.


Vickie and Shannon didn't enjoy walking in the rain.

My financial worries are past.

Justin talks with a slight accent.

Do not idle away your youth or you will regret it later.

I'm not commenting on your article.


The police have arrested Merton.


He was drenched by the rain.


Dan didn't even seem to realize he had hurt Linda.


Am I late?

You may need hex keys to adjust the gears on your bike.

Barring anything unforeseen everything should turn all right.


Perhaps Nigel is married.

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She takes a great interest in English.

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Let's not bother her.


We have not much time.

This could take a long time.

Theo says he wants to ask me a lot of questions.

Are you reading this book tonight?

I can't help opposing the marriage.

A good master wouldn't let his dog out in such cold weather.

I hate precooked food.

That helps me fall asleep.

Jimmy is easy for me to get along with.


The priest blessed the marriage of the two.

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Children love playing with Lego.

Isn't it interesting?

The Japanese art of flower arrangement is called Ikebana.

Cathy is quite harmless.

She seems to be excited.

I'm not the one who yelled at your mother.

I like him. He's a nice guy.

Not a star was to be seen.

You can't leave this room.

Suppose you had a thousand dollars, what would you do with it?

Raul and I have been friends for many years.

Why would Theo lie about something like that?

He was absent from school because of illness.

It was because he was sick that he decided to return home.

The prisoner dug a hole under the prison wall.

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Maybe the question's not when but where.

A child was run over here last night.

Joel may leave any minute now.


They built the first electric car.

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I'd better not eat that.

I was with Granville.

He often mistakes the time, and is late for his appointments.

Touch an animal to hear its sound.

His invention is superior to conventional equipment.

We contacted Jarmo's family.

I give in.

What time do you close?

Is there a picture of Sofoklis in that album?

Damon looks terrified.

It's Vince's turn to deal the cards.

I'll call back later.

His voice is thin even though he is fat.


Do you need more money?

She is intensely preparing for the exam.

A disciple can be forgiven if he does not have great mental ability.

There is no reason for this fear.

Our team did not reach the playoffs this year.